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Home> Aaghaz foundation has completed 5 years today on October 2, 2009... We thank you all .. Let us join hands to make it more meaningful and vibrant.. Happy Gandhi jyanti...


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Some Clarifications

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A selfless group of individuals from different walks of life who are driven by a common objective: Eradication of Illiteracy from our community.

Our members include men and women from diverse fields and different age groups.

  • aaghaz foundation does not have any political affiliations.

  • No one has any vested interest in aaghaz. Alhamdulillah, we all are doing fairly well in life.

  • Transparency is the key word- Accounts, records etc, can be checked any time.

  • There are no personal gains to be made through aaghaz foundation.

  • The decision-making authority in aaghaz foundation vests with an Executive Council. But it doesn't imply that aaghaz foundation belongs to an individual or a group. We are all cogs in the machine. So you can be as much a part of aaghaz foundation as we are

How do we manage our expenses?

We  don't have  any  expenses...

In keeping up with our guiding principles, aaghaz foundation doesn't spend a single penny on itself. It doesn't pay any salary/allowance to anyone, as it doesn't have any staff in the conventional sense of the word. All office expenditure, including stationary, postal expense, setting up a website etc. are borne by the members voluntarily.


  • 3.0 is the percentage of muslims in Indian Administrative Services.

  • 1.8 is the percentage of muslims in Indian Foreign Services.

  • 3.4 is the percentage of muslims in Indian Police Services.

  • 2.29 is the percentage of muslims in the army.

  • 1.2 is the percentage of post -graduates.

  • 0.08 is the percentage of muslim graduates in rural areas.

  • 4 is the percentage of muslim examinees in class X.

  • 59 percent of muslims have never attended school and less than 10 percent have completed schooling.

  • 85 percent of rural North Indian muslim women are unable to read or write.

  • 2.7 years is the average number of years that muslim girls study.


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